AFV 1/48 Scale Drawings

by George R. Bradford

These printed drawings sell for $2.00 each, with a minimum order of five to cover handling & postage. Payment should be made to GEORGE BRADFORD by personal check, cash, or Money Order, in either U.S. or Canadian funds, depending on where you live. No PayPal please. British pounds, Euros, New Zealand and Aussie dollars are also acceptable.

Each set of drawings shows a minimum of 4 views of the vehicle, and some of the smaller ones feature variants as well. See Preview Sample below. The drawings in this series can ALSO be output at any of the smaller scales: 1:72, 1:76, etc. on request

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Nations Covered


Preview Sample


Code Vehicle Name
GE-1 A7V (WWI tank)
GE-2 Tiger II (Henschel turret)
GE-3 Jagdtiger
GE-4 V-2 Launch vehicle and firing pad (SdKfz.7 on 8t)
GE-5 Elefant
GE-6 FAMO SdKfz.9, 13t
GE-7 Bergpanther (late)
GE-8 VK.4501, Tiger (P)
GE-9 Landwasserschlepper
GE-10 MAUS superheavy tank
GE-11 SdKfz.8, 8t
GE-12 Leopard 2
GE-13 Berge-Ferdinand recovery vehicle
GE-14 Jagdpanther (early)
GE-15 Panther Ausf D
GE-16 Sturmtiger
GE-17 Panther Ausf G
GE-18 Tiger Ausf E
GE-19 Tiger II (Porsche turret)
GE-20 Tiger I Ausf E(late) steel wheels
GE-21 Tiger I Ausf E (early)
GE-22 SdKfz.8, 12 ton prime mover
GE-23 SdKfz.8, 12 to w. 88mm (1940)
GE-24 Ferdinand
GE-25 Jagdtiger/Porsche Suspension
GE-26 Panther Ausf.F
GE-27 SpaPz.A2 “Luchs”
GE-28 E-100
GE-29 Leopard 1A5
GE-30 Leopard Buffel ARV
GE-31 PzBeobWg Panther/D
GE-32 88mm FlaK 18, A/Tank gun
GE-33 Panther Ausf A
GE-34 5.5cm FlakPanther
GE-35 Leopard 2A6
GE-36 Befehls-Panther Ausf A
GE-37 Panzer IV/70 (A)
GE-38 Panzer IV/70 (V)
GE-39 Nashorn (production)
GE-40 12.8cm Sf L/61 Sturer Emil
GE-41 Brummbar late
GE-42 Neubaufahrzeug
GE-43 Diana 7.62cm SPG
GE-44 Tiger(H) 501 Tunisia
GE-45 StuG.III Ausf D
GE-46 Brukenleger IV
GE-47 SdKfz.251/1 Ausf A
GE-48 SdKfz.251/1 Ausf C
GE-49 SdKfz.251/7 Pionier
GE-50 SdKfz.251/17 Ausf C
GE-51 SdKfz.251 fur 88mm
GE-52 SdKfz.251 Ausf D
GE-53 SdKfz.3 Gepanzerter Kraftwagen A/Car
GE-54 E-10 Entwicklungsfahrzeug T/D
GE-55 Skoda Radschlepper Ost (RSO)
GE-56 Mercedes “Maultier” Sd.Kfz. 10/5
GE-57 GE-57 E-25 Entwicklungsfahrzeug T/D


Code Vehicle Name
US-1 M103, 120mm Gun Tank
US-2 T19 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
US-3 M15 Multiple Gun Carriage
US-4 M15A1 Multiple Gun Carriage
US-5 Mk.VIII Liberty Tank (WWI era)
US-6 Super Pershing
US-7 M109A2 155mm SPH
US-8 M1A1 Abrams MBT
US-9 T1E3 Sherman Aunt Jemima mine roller
US-10 M60A1 MBT
US-11 M60A2 MBT
US-12 M-55, 8″ SPH
US-13 M46 Patton
US-14 M3 Lee (late)
US-15 MT18E2 Boarhound A/Car
US-16 M26 Pershing
US-17 M48A1 Patton
US-18 M3A1 Lee with cast hull
US-19 M3A4 Lee with Chrysler multibank engine
US-20 M109 155mm SPH
US-21 M47 Patton
US-22 M48A5 Patton
US-23 M41A1 Light Tank
US-24 M2 Bradley IFV
US-25 T29A3 Heavy Tank
US-26 MBT 70
US-27 AAV7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicle
US-28 M6A1 Heavy Tank
US-29 M3 Lee Medium Tank early
US-30 M270 MLRS rocket system
US-31 M4 Sherman Calliope rocket launcher
US-32 T69 Medium Tank prototype, oscillating turret
US-33 M103A2 Heavy Tank
US-34 T57 Heavy Tank prototype, oscillating turret
US-35 T54E1 Medium Tank prototype, oscillating turret
US-36 GMC DUKW-353
US-37 M31 (T2) ARV
US-38 Stryker IFV
US-39 Crusader XM200 SPG
US-40 Stingray 1 Light Tank
US-41 M8 AGS, Level 1 armor
US-42 M8 AGS, Level 2 armor
US-43 M8 AGS, Level 3 armor
US-44 M36 Tank Destroyer
US-45 M36B1 Tank Destroyer
US-46 M4A3E8 HVSS Sherman
US-47 T28/95 Super Heavy
US-48 M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman
US-49 M12 155mm GMC
US-50 M30 Cargo Carrier
US-51 T3A2 Christie Medium
US-52 M4A3(105) HVSS Sherman
US-53 M41 155mm Howitzer Motor Carriage


Code Vehicle Name
UK-1 A39 Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank
UK-2 Challenger II MBT
UK-3 Conqueror Mk.2 Heavy Gun Tank
UK-4 Black Prince (A43)
UK-5 Chieftain 11/2 MBT
UK-6 Grant I, (North Africa)
UK-7 Churchill Crocodile flamethrower tank
UK-8 Grant Scorpion IV mine clearing tank
UK-9 Tank, Mk.V Male (WWI)
UK-10 Sherman Crab II mine clearing tank
UK-11 Centurion Mk.1 (A41)
UK-12 Avenger (A30)
UK-13 Warrior APC
UK-14 Tank, Mk.IV Female
UK-15 Tank, Mk.IV Tadpole
UK-16 Churchill 3″ Gun Carrier Mk.I
UK-17 Tank, Mk.I Male (WWI)
UK-18 AEC “Deacon” 6pdr SPG
UK-19 Churchill Bridge Layer No.2
UK-20 Churchill Carpet Layer Type C
UK-21 Centurion Mk. 13
UK-22 Centurion BARV
UK-23 Centurion “Conway” Heavy Gun
UK-24 M3 CDL Tank
UK-25 M10 Achilles IIC
UK-26 Firefly VC (M4A4)
UK-27 Firefly IC Hybrid
UK-28 Charioteer (FV401)
UK-29 Challenger (A30) WW2
UK-30 Crusader I (A15) Cruiser
UK-31 Crusader II (A15) Cruiser
UK-32 Crusader III (A15) Cruiser
UK-33 Crusader III AA Mk.II
UK-34 Comet (A34)
UK-35 Centurion Mk. 3
UK-36 Centurion Mk. 5/2
UK-37 Little Willie (1915) WWI
UK-38 Bishop SP 25-pdr
UK-39 Medium Mk. III (1930’s)
UK-40 Matilda II
UK-41 Churchill II (Dieppe)
UK-42 AEC Dorchester ACV
UK-43 Mk.IV Male Tank (WWI)
UK-44 Churchill IV AVRE with Petard
UK-45 AS90 155mm SPGun
UK-46 BEF Matilda II w. Vickers MG


Code Vehicle Name
RU-1 T-28 Medium Tank
RU-2 T-35 Heavy Tank
RU-3 T-34/85 Medium Tank
RU-4 SU-85 Tank Destroyer
RU-5 SU-100 Tank Destroyer
RU-6 IS-2 Heavy Tank
RU-7 IS-3 Heavy Tank
RU-8 VT-34 Armored Recovery Vehicle
RU-9 T-90S MBT
RU-10 2S6M “Tunguska”
RU-11 BTR 60 PB
RU-12 T-80 MBT
RU-13 T-64 MBT
RU-14 T-72 MBT
RU-15 T-55 MBT
RU-16 T-62E MBT
RU-17 SU-152
RU-18 ISU-122
RU-19 ISU-152
RU-20 152mm 2S19 SPH
RU-21 KV-2 model 1939
RU-22 KV-2 model 1940
RU-23 BTR-70
RU-24 BTR-152
RU-25 BTR-152V
RU-26 BTR-152K
RU-27 BRDM-1
RU-28 BRDM-2
RU-29 T-10M Heavy Tank
RU-30 IS-7 Heavy Tank
RU-31 T-54A MBT
RU-32 T-54B MBT
RU-33 KV-85 Heavy Tank
RU-34 T-44 Medium Tank
RU-35 KV-1 Ekranami
RU-36 ZIS-42 Half-Track
RU-37 SMK Heavy Tank
RU-38 KV-220 Heavy Tank
RU-39 T-70M Light Tank
RU-40 T-55AM MBT
RU-41 PT-76B Light Amphibious
RU-42 SU-122-54 Tank Destroyer


Code Vehicle Name
FR-1 Char St-Chamond (WWI tank)
FR-2 FCM 2C Heavy Tank
FR-3 AMX 30 B2
FR-4 ARL 44 (1950)
FR-5 AMX 50 early
FR-6 AMX 50 Surbaissé
FR-7 AMX 13, 75mm Tank Destroyer
FR-8 AMX 10 RC Recon Vehicle
FR-9 155mm GCT SPH
FR-10 Laffly S 15 TOE)


Code Vehicle Name
JA-1 Type 61 MBT
JA-2 Type 74 MBT
JA-3 Type 87 Recon Combat Vehicle
JA-4 Type 82 Command & Communications Vehicle


Code Vehicle Name
IT-1 FIAT Tipo 2000 (WWI)
IT-2 LANCIA 3.RO da 90/53 SPG
IT-3 C1 Ariete MBT


Code Vehicle Name
CZ-1 “DANA” 152mm SPH


Code Vehicle Name
SW-1 Strv 103C MBT (“S” Tank)
SW-2 Ikv 91 Tank Destroyer


Code Vehicle Name
CA-2 LAV 25
CA-3 AVGP Grizzly
CA-4 AVGP Cougar
CA-5 Bison APC
CA-6 Skink AA Tank
CA-7 Sexton I, SPG 25-pdr
CA-8 Ram II Cruiser Tank
CA-9 Leopard C1 (c.1980)
CA-10 Upgraded C1 (c.1996)
CA-11 Ram I Cruiser Tank (2-pdr)


Code Vehicle Name
ISR-1 M51HV Isherman
ISR-2 Centurion Sh’ot
ISR-3 M50 Mk.II Supersherman
ISR-4 Merkava Mk. 2
ISR-5 PUMA Combat Eng.
ISR-6 Achzarit Heavy APC
ISR-7 Magach 6B Gal
ISR-8 Magach 7A
ISR-9 Magach 7C
ISR-10 M50 Mk. I Supersherman

We have been lucky enough to have been given access to several walkarounds by Vaughan Smith of Christchurch form his recent visit to The Air Force Museum at Wigram.

Keep an eye out as we will be posting them as time permits.

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